Monday, April 14, 2008

Thing #23

I have completed the 23 things and I have to say its a little bittersweet. I have enjoyed learning about all of the tools and actually looked forward to each new thing. I even have friends asking me "what new stuff can you tell us about this week?" But, there are many other projects to be completed, so I am happy to check this off of my list. If there were another opportunity like this, I would definitely participate (even if I didn't receive any credit for it!) Because of 23 Things, I feel comfortable with blogging, but never would have tried it before. I had fun with the image generators, Library Thing, mashups and Teacher Tube. I have already used many of the other tools such as wikis, Google Docs, Google Calendar and podcasts in my personal life. This has shown me that I continue to be a life long learner and that I will have to constantly be learning if I want to stay up to date with technology. It has reminded me that there are many, many new things out there and that learning them can actually be fun. I was surprised by how easy it was to just jump in and do all of these things. I was very intimidated when I began, but have gained a new confidence through this project.

Summing it up in one sentence isn't a simple task. But, I would say the experience is very hands-on and effective. It got even the least "tech-savy" of us to blog, didn't it? We all embedded video, contributed to a wiki, tagged, created a podcast... I think that's pretty impressive considering most (if not all) of us remember when the internet didn't even exist!!

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VWB said...

Congrats on completing the adventure. Hope you will continue to bring new things to those around you and share them with the rest of us thru your blog!